Artwork Submission Guidelines


Words & Graphics work with a PDF workflow. Our price estimates are based on supplied artwork files conforming to the following specification and all files should be submitted as print ready PDF files.

All uploaded files are flight checked prior at the start of production. Files that do not conform to the following specifications are classed as not print ready. The customer will be notified of the problems encountered and will be able to rectify them and re-submit. Alternatively we can resolve most issues if required but this work will be chargeable.

File Supply (PDF)

  • The PDF file(s) should not be imposed.
  • PDFs need to be supplied as Composite PDF’s in single page not printer’s pairs.
  • Colours should be CMYK. Please advise the Pantone/CMYK values if any spot colours are included.
  • Images should be CMYK and not RGB.
  • All pages should include crop/trim marks.
  • All pages should include a 3mm bleed on all sides.
  • The PDF resolution should be set to 300 dpi, sometimes known as ‘press standard’.
  • Text should be fully embedded and not as a sub-set.
  • The PDF should be generated to the PDF-X standard.
  • If the job is a brochure or has a perfect bound cover, please supply one PDF file for the cover and one PDF file for the inside pages.
  • If the job has a printed cover for a hard back book, please ensure the cover includes all wraps, spine and hinge measurements.
  • Please advise the total number of pages if it is a multi-page job.

Native Application Files

All the modern creative applications can output PDF files to the above specifications. Please contact us if you are unsure how to proceed.

  • Images should be CMYK and not RGB.
  • All pages should include crop/trim marks.
  • All pages should include a 3mm bleed on all sides.
  • Main body text should be at least 10mm from the trim marks or spine. Note that with most bound products there is 6mm of image area that bleeds in to the hinge on covers and inner pages.

Microsoft Office Application Files

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other ‘office’ applications may not always produce true print ready PDFs. We will contact you if flight checking indicates any problems.

Uploading Files

Please use our account with Mail Big File in order to upload your files.

  • You can encrypt the file by clicking on the secure mode button prior to upload if you are concerned about the possibility of it being hacked and read during upload.
  • You will then be prompted to enter a password. We will be able to open the file when we receive it on our servers.
  • It is recommended that you Stuff or Zip multiple files and just upload the single compressed file.